Here are some commonly asked questions
and their answers in purple:
How can you charge so much less than other firms?
   NARO tax services believes that through reasonable prices and
  exceptional service we can develop a huge base of loyal clients
  that come back year after year bringing their friends and family. 
  This eliminates the need for expensive advertising and also helps
  us plan and budget much easier from year to year.  We are also
  not a company that needs to make our whole years income in the
  three month tax season.  We do not believe it is fair to our clients
  so we work year round in multiple markets.  We price our returns
  as low as possible to ensure value and our clients satisfaction.
I don't have the money to pay for my taxes up front. 
Can you take the fees from my check???
  While it is illegal for a tax preparer to deposit your check into their
  account it is legal and very common to use the bank as a third
  party for RAL/RAC transactions.
What is a RAL or a RAC?
  RAL stands for Refund Anticipation Loan and it is a loan against
  your refund.  After you pass a credit check the bank will give you
  most or all of your refund (after fees) up front and then deposit
  your refund check in their account when the government issues
  it.  The process can be turned around in a matter of hours.
  RAC stands for Refund Anticipation Check and is not a loan but
  rather a way to avoid having to pay up front.  The bank will wait
  for your refund to be deposited into their account take out the
  fees that are owed and then issue the difference in most cases
  the same day.
 **Due to recent changes in the IRS, RAL/RAC is not being offered at this time**

How much do the "fees" usually amount to?
  In addition to NARO preparation fees banks will take a fee for their 
  services.  Depending on the bank that a company uses you could be
  stuck with a large or a small fee.  For a RAL this could be anywhere
  from 30-100 dollars.  A RAC fee is usually much less than a RAL 
  ranging from 10-40 dollars.  It's also important to note that preparers
  often add in "hidden" fees and inflate bank fees to increase their
  proceeds from a deal.  At NARO we avoid this practice and list all
  of our fees up front.
What happens if after the tax deadline I have a problem
with my return?
  You never have to worry about our office disappearing at the stroke
  of midnight.  We are there for you year round.  That means you will find
  us at the same location with the same equipment and files open during
  general business hours at anytime of the year. 
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