Below is our price list by form/schedule and experience level.  Premium prices apply to our most experienced preparer(s).

Some of the schedules may not be familiar so further down are definitions.

Basic 1040ez   $40
Basic 1040   $75
1040 w/schedule A   $125
1040 w/schedule EIC   $125
1040 w/schedule A&2106   $135
1040 w/schedule C   $125
1040 w/schedule A&C   $175
Schedule E's   $40 per property
Schedule D's   $10 per asset
States other than OH   $50 per state

Schedule A     Sometimes called long form, this schedule is used to write off

                     things like mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable 
                     contributions and others.
Form 2106     This form is for employee business expenses.
Schedule C      Sole-proprietors(business owners) use this schedule.

Schedule D      Report gains and losses from disposal of assets here.
Schedule E     This is mostly used for rental properties.
Schedule EIC  This schedule is used to claim the earned income credit and includes the
                     EIC checklist and due diligence requirements.
Have you had prior year returns that you'd like a second
opinion on? 
Is there a year you think you may have missed a deduction? 
At NARO tax services we offer free examinations of prior
years returns even if we didn't prepare them!
This means we don't charge you if we can't save you money.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!


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