There are many reasons why a return might need amended after its original filing.  Here a few:


  • Corrected W2 or 1099 – Occasionally an employer will issue a corrected income document to you.  If this happens after you have filed your return, your return will need to be amended.
  • Extra Information – Very common with people who file early in the season, you may receive more information from a bank, broker or employer which makes your tax return incomplete or incorrect until you file an amended return.
  • Omission of Income – If you’ve had multiple jobs or maybe one that only last a very short time, it’s easy to leave that income off of your return.  If you discover you’ve omitted income, you will have to file an amended return.
  • Change of Filing Status – Maybe you filed Head of Household when it should have been Single- or vice versa.  Any change in filing status will need to be addressed by an amended return
  • Claiming a Credit – If you’ve already filed your return then realize you had a child care, education, retirement or other credit that should have been included, you should file an amended return to get the correct amount refunded to you.


Remember often filing an amended federal return will also result in your state return also being amended and possibly even your city return.  


If you suspect you need to file an amended return, contact us and we can look at your situation and see what steps need to be taken.  And if an amended return needs to be filed, Naro Tax Services will make sure it is done quickly and correctly.