Many life events, big and small, can make a difference on your tax return.  When you come to your tax appointment, be sure to mention if any of these events might have occurred in the past year.

  • You got married, separated or divorced

  • You added a new baby to the family

  • You adopted a child

  • You went back to college

  • Your spouse or a child went to college

  • You or your spouse got a new job

  • Your dependent child got a job

  • You bought a home or property

  • You moved a parent or other family member into your home

  • You experienced a loss due to a natural disaster

  • You had a change in your health insurance coverage

  • You inherited money or property

  • You retired

  • You started your own business

  • You moved to a different city or state

  • Your spouse died

If you have any questions about how a life event might change your tax return, please contact us so we can discuss it and decide the best course of action for you.